Attracting New Clients & Making Clients Return

January 19, 2016

If your expert services, great haircuts and spa treatments are not enough for making the clients return to your salon over and over again, it’s time to consider some in a change in your tactics, methodologies and way towards them. Making a client return is all about pampering them and making them feel the king. This is not easy to achieve, but then is not so difficult either considering the host of technology at our disposal. Fortunately, the principle of technology that helped the e-commerce sites to gain customers and a long list of loyal clients is catching up with the offline services allowing them to leverage the same technology to bring back clients.

A Good Loyalty Program

There is a name for this process known as “loyalty program” that manages the services to the clients in order to reengage with them after their first visit. This can have short-term and long-term benefits. It can have local as well as global benefits. Sometimes, a person might choose to test the services of your chain of salons that he has heard a lot about. It is possible that he has been in the town for a couple of days, but guarantying that he administers the best service possible without overdoing things will definitely set a benchmark in his mind about your brand. This will be carried along with him wherever he goes and will be reverted back very quickly. This was an example of a long term and global benefit.

In another instance, a salon or spa should begin with one loyal client if you don’t have one yet or start with one arbitrarily. The loyalty programs can be borrowed from the most successful brands and services or can be re-engineered from a basic set of services that you already provide. One quick and easy one could be offering a free 5th service after four visits to your customer. This is very lucrative and makes him/her feel special at your place. There can be little more sophisticated plans such as free points on every visit that can be redeemable after a milestone with some services from your salon or spa. Another way might be to promote your products for free for the first time customers. A lot of salons use their proprietary products and recommend them to their customers. In order to get hold of them and make them purchase these products on a regular basis, you have to lure them with free promotional packs at their first visit. This is very effective, if you are really sure of your product, and will make them return to your salon. You can use technology to allow them to purchase your products online from wherever they are located in order to boost your sales and customer engagement even more.

A little bit of effort always pays in manifolds since there is a ripple factor associated with it. A happy customer is a free ambassador of your services and must always be given the top priority.

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