How to Advertise Your Hair Salon Business on Facebook?

December 13, 2015

FB has become one of the most popular advertisement platforms over the years. According to statistics, over 1.5 billion users login to Facebook every month. Hence, it becomes one of the most lucrative social media platforms for businesses to advertise on.

Hair salon business has become quite competitive in recent times. With more and more salons opening up, the need for a strategic marketing plan becomes a must. In addition to marketing via physical means such as hoardings, posters, etc, advertising via social media has become the mainstream option for promotion. In the light of the same, Facebook has emerged as the most affordable and popular channel to advertise through.

Advertising via Facebook

Facebook allows users to place ads while targeting specific set of audience. The cost of the ad depends upon its reach and the engagement it receives. Every like, comment or click-through that you receive is charged to you by Facebook and accordingly, your cost per click (CTC) is determined.

However, targeting the right audience can bring you more business than your advertising expenses on the platform. For instance, a salon business owner would prefer to target men and women between the age of 18 to 35 years and in the same city as that of salon’s location.

Follow the below steps to go about advertising via Facebook:

Create a Facebook page with your salon’s name. Ensure that it is the same as your registered business name to avoid any copyright violation issues.
After you fill out the required information, go to Facebook Ads manager and choose an objective for your ad from the given options. For salon business owners, the most probable objectives could be to ‘reach people near your business’ or ‘get people ‘to claim your offer’.
Facebook then asks you to fill out details of your target audience. This includes information like location, age, gender, languages, etc. It also asks for your budget and schedule of advertising.
You may also choose to create a custom audience which is the next step. Here, you may submit certain email id’s, phone numbers, etc that Facebook can match. You may choose to either include them specifically in your target or decide to avoid them. This will help you manage your budget effectively.
You are then asked to choose how you want your ad to look and its placement. Think like a user here who sees various ads on the platform and accordingly decide its look and placement to get best results.
You are now done with ad customization. After you place the order in the next step, your ad goes live immediately.

Do’s & Don’ts

While creating the page, ensure that you fill out all the details asked for and put an attractive profile photo on page relevant to your business.
Always ensure that you rotate your ads from time to time. Keeping the same picture and text in your ad for a prolonged period would eventually make people get bored of seeing the same. Your CTC charged resultantly by Facebook could also go up.
Decide the target audience in advance before advertising. In case you do not see the expected results of advertising via Facebook for a couple of weeks, you can opt to change the target audience to match your business interests.
Create offers and schemes on your page from time to time offering discounts and additional services to users. This will lure more customers to visit your salon.

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