Manageable Silky-Shine Straight Hair

January 19, 2016

It is sexy to sport free flowing long hair but it is very difficult to keep them manageable without some effort and expense. If you like to keep your hair short and tied up, it might not be that important, a need, but with the deteriorating quality of air and water, you still have to consider basic nourishment and hair care. Essentially, hair straightening is the simplest solution and the least expensive one compared to beautiful curls and all sorts of other hairstyles with long hair. Obviously, with short hair it is relatively simple and requires less effort to manage.

Facts & Myths

Your regular salon might not know much about the numerous chemical compounds and cosmetic products on the market; however, a professional who has studied the chemistry and the process can guide you and help you with your concerns. This is the major reason of the exorbitant price charged by these salons and spas because they hire graduates and specialists in hair therapy and conditioning. The ultimate goal is to have someone who knows about the products and not someone who follows the guidelines at its cover and applies them to their customers. The hair straightening is also susceptible to such vices.

The first one known as “keratin treatment”. This has gradually become a de-facto buzzword for a hair straightening process, which ironically has nothing to do with it. Keratin treatment is similar to protein treatment of your hair that helps return its health. Hair straightening has nothing to do with healthy or dry hair. It is more about the bonds that make the hair curl or the absence of which lets it fall straight. The famous process known as “Japanese hair straightening” is the one that uses chemicals like ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide, primarily these two only, that helps break the bonds and transform the texture of the hair into straight. This is the reason that they are often termed as permanent until the hair completely grows out, replaced by a new hair growing underneath it. However, improperly done treatments can be damaging to your hair.

This directs us towards another process known as “Brazilian blowout” that adopts a completely different process. This utilizes a formaldehyde solution that locks the hair in its straight position after it has been flat ironed. It could lock it in a curly position if done so using a curling iron. This position is retained even after showers and shampoos for months. Your natural texture will return in two to five months, depending upon the type of your hair. Thus, this process is short lived compared to the inexpensive Japanese treatment, but it allows for a wider variety of styles instead of just pin straight locks.

It is important to find a good salon that has trained professionals who know the difference between the products and various hair types. A range of products is designed for a range of hair-types and only the professionals would know it better. This will help you enjoy a straight and manageable hair for months.

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