Oily Skin Care

January 11, 2016

skin_care If there is anything that is more important than hair styling, it’s skin care. It has been found that almost every individual in urban households applies a skin product of some sort in order to retain the natural glow and texture. The effects and brands might vary, however, the emotion and objective remains the same. Of them, treating excess oil on your face is the most prominent one. This affects people irrespective of their age. In this tone one might argue that oils and necessary for the skin to keep its glow and natural secretions are always better moisturizers than cosmetic products. However, there is a difference is supple and soft skin and oily skin. To add to this annoying condition, some products even make it worse because the ingredients cause skin irritation that naturally trigger more oil secretion resulting in exactly the opposite of the intended outcome. Thus, this clears the mind of the fact that one must not blindly use skin products, and if possible, consult skin care clinics, spa centers, salons and others that specialize in such skin treatments.

Understanding Your Skin

It is perhaps the most important lesson we can give you all before even browsing on Amazon or driving to any local organic boutique. Your skin is not the same as the one that they show in the television commercials, so do not mimic them, for the starters. The first lesson is that oil secretion is the result of hormonal changes in your body that simply cannot be altered or controlled topically. This will require some serious experiments or testing that must start with organic products or under professional supervision at specialist centers.

The edge of booking an appointment at a specialist center or multi-specialty salon is that they would have the experience of numerous customers such as yourself, and might be able to help you out by showing the right direction. The hormones responsible for oily skin are called androgens-male hormones-that reside both in males and females. This will explain the debate around healthy oil secretion and too much of oil because androgens are necessary for oil that benefits your skin, without any doubts, but poses a problem when there is an imbalance causing too much secretion. In addition, androgens can also cause the pore linings to thicken that block the oil from getting out of the pore, which in turn causes blackheads and white bumps. Hence, there arises the condition of more than just extra oil in case of an imbalance that makes it important to find a solution.

There might be a combination of various remedies to tackle oily skin ranging from cleansing, toning, exfoliating, using oil absorbents and taking supplements. It is important to avoid solutions that dry your skin or causes tinkling such as eucalyptus or lemon, if they cause tinkling, because it means that they are not effective in the process. A lot of times it might be due to some product’s side effects. So, hydration agents like gel and serum or using sun protection lotions that are not greasy might help.

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