Why a Pregnant Woman Might Have Stomach Cramps

January 13, 2016

Many women experience stomach cramps during their pregnancy and it can be because of many different reasons. If they continue and causes you discomfort you do need to check with your physician to rule out any serious problems. Sometimes these stomach cramps could be experienced as just minor cramps, but this normal and nothing to worry about. If the cramps are very severe and are accompanied with chills, fever, vaginal discharge, feeling lightheaded, or bleeding you need to see your physician immediately or go to the nearest emergency room to make sure that you are not having a miscarriage.

Here are some of the causes of stomach cramps that can happen during pregnancy.

Preterm labor–before you reach the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy if you experience lower back pain and persistent stomach cramps it could be a sign of pre-term labor. This could be caused by an increased pressure on your pelvis and rectum.

Pre-eclampsia–this is caused by levels of high blood pressure. Your hands, feet, and face could also swell and can be dangerous to both the mother and unborn child.

Ectopic pregnancy–in early pregnancy this is a common cause of having stomach cramps and you should not ignore these stomach cramps. This type of pregnancy is when the egg that has been fertilized and has attached itself outside of your uterus. It is usually attached in the ovaries or fallopian tube. The fetus will usually cause the structure to rupture that it is attached to causing stomach cramps and vaginal bleeding and is a situation that can be life-threating. You need to seek immediate medical help if you suspect this is the reason for stomach cramps.

Stretching of your ligaments–during the second trimester many women can experience stomach cramps that are minor. These are because of your ligaments stretching. You may feel these stomach cramps when you get up from your sitting or sleeping position, even while you are coughing.

False labor–this is also referred to as Braxton Hicks” and this is common in the last weeks of being pregnant. You may also have irregular contractions, lower back pain, and the muscles of your uterus tightening up.

There are other reasons that you may experience stomach cramps while you are pregnant such as indigestion, an infection from a urinary tract problem, gas and constipation. If you have any questions or worried that it could be a serious problem make sure that you contact your physician.

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